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Sweet treats add flair to any menu. There are a variety of options to satisfy any sweet tooth. Cookies, biscotti, and chocolates dress up any cup of coffee or tea.
Gaviña Goes Organic

Gaviña introduces 100% Organic Mexico, Guatemala, Espresso and French Roast Coffees.

These coffees are 100% organically grown, roasted, and packaged in strict accordance with the National Organic Policy established by the USDA and are certified by Stellar Certification Services. Available in 5 lb. bags, and coming soon in portion packs.

Gaviña selects only 100% Arabica beans for these organic coffees, and in doing so the company ranks the quality and flavor of them alongside their great Specialty Coffees.

The Gaviña family began the art of growing coffee on their plantation over 130 years ago. This long experience as growers, roasters, and world coffee traders helps them choose from the best organic crops available.

F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc., 2700 Fruitland Ave., Vernon, California 90058. Tel: (323) 582-0671, Web site: www.gavina.com

Delissimo Mix

As a producer of single-wrapped chocolates and biscuits, Cocachoc knows how important it is to offer a wide variety of products to its customers. In turn, the catering or restaurant professional as well, can offer a wide choice of little ‘extra’s’ to his clients, who appreciate a cookie or a piece of chocolat with their coffee. More and more, customers’ choice of ‘where they will have a coffee’ is determined by these small indulgences, as they often constitute the difference between having a cup of coffe or tea at home or in a restaurant.

In order to provide its customers with a wide variety of cookies and chocolats, without the professional having to keep large, expensive stocks, Cocachoc offers more than 30 mixed varieties.

Cocachoc, Toekomstlaan 49, B-2200 Herentals, Tel: 3214259600, Fax: 3214224443, E-mail: info@cocachoc.be, Web site: www.cocachoc.be.

New Flavors for European Market

Calson Industries announced the European release of eight new beverage flavorings. The new products were formally introduced at the Tea and Coffee World Cup in Rome, Italy, to the great interest of trade show participants. Four of the syrups are best-selling flavors, now made available in sugar-free. The other four new summer syrups combine ingredients that create flavoring options for a wide variety of beverages.

“With the latest release of Cherry, Coconut, Chocolate and English Toffee sugar-free syrups, we now have twelve options for those seeking an alternative to traditional sweeteners”, said Rick Levin, Vice President of Sales of Calson Industries. “We’re excited to grow our line of sugar-free products to address our customer’s growing demand for healthy, low-calorie beverage options. More flavors will be added to our line on a frequent and on-going basis.”

Calson has determined that the audiences in Asia and Europe are fertile testing grounds for their beverage syrup offerings. The company’s market release strategy begins with international introductions of flavorings and market testing, which is followed by domestic production and release. Company leadership expects three to four new flavors will be brought to market every quarter following this system.

Calson Industries, Inc., 2001 S. Plum Street, Seattle, Washington 98144 Tel: (206) 328-0690, Fax: (206) 324-4586, E-mail: info@calsonindustries.com, Web site: www.calsonindustries.com.

Tea & Coffee - September/October, 2003


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