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This year, Tea & Coffee Trade Journal and our sister publication, Tea & Coffee Asia are hosting Tea & Coffee World Cup Asia - an exhibition and symposium held in Singapore. We have been hosting extremely successful trade shows in Europe for the past six years, but this is our second foray into the Asian region. The first Asian show, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, found the interest shown here in tea as well as coffee is as strong as it has been reported, as tea importers, exporters, packers and machinery suppliers joined coffee machinery, importers, and exporters under one roof. Cuppings, roasting workshops, Barista Tournament, and Latte Art are some of the highlights of this amazing show.

I am truly proud of this month’s issue of Tea & Coffee, in which our writers bring exciting news from all over the globe you just won’t find anywhere else. Correspondents Larry Luxner and Maja Wallengren discuss the latest coffee ventures in the Dominican Republic (p.14) and Mexico (p.25). Producers are seriously changing their methods of production in order to reach optimal quality in their beans. Sunalini Menon begins a two-part series on Indian coffee, discussing the many merits of that country’s coffee, followed up by a look at what each region offers (p.21). Randy Altman walks us through several exotic tea gardens, whose virtues and affordable prices make them extremely noteworthy. Revealing information every tea professional should know, Altman discusses estates in India, Kenya, and Sri Lanka (p.74).

Back in the consuming countries, Robert Barker discusses profile roasting and reveals how large coffee roasters are able to get an acceptable coffee product from lower grade coffees. The role of the roastmaster, he reports, is tantamount to getting all the flavor characteristics out of the bean. We are also happy to profile an outstanding herbal and fruit tea supplier, Krauter Mix, located in Abtswind, Germany (p.42). Their service and attention to fine herbs have come to our attention, as we continue in our endeavors to bring word of quality worldwide suppliers to the tea trade. Last but certainly not least, David de Candia defines herbal and fruit infusions and shows how a retailer can fit them into their business (p.48).

This issue also goes to the Take Me 2 Tea Expo in Rhode Island, the third show for this organization, yet the first on the East Coast. This show has enjoyed much success, and the U.S. tea industry is indeed looking at better times ahead.

Our industries have much more to offer consumers than many of them know. Consumers are looking for information, quality origins, and exotic origins. The responsibility lies with you to bring it to them.

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - September/October, 2004

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