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Entecon U.K. Expands

Mark Kenny has become the new owner of Entecon U.K. Kenny was previously the managing director of the old company before taking over ownership in April 2004. The company has moved to larger and more efficient premises, which are located just around the corner from their old facility in Camberley, Surrey. With over 40 years of expertise and knowledge acquired within the powder handling industry carried forward to the new company, the team at Entecon U.K. is still on hand to provide the customer with solutions to their powder handling requirements.

The new contact details are: Entecon U.K. Ltd., Stanhope Rd., Yorktown Industrial Estate, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3BW. Tel: (44)(01276) 414540, Fax: (44)(01276) 414541, E-mail: Sales@entecon.co.uk, Web site: www.entecon.co.uk.

Sweet Leaf Tea Pours Into Texas and Colorado 7-Eleven Stores

Sweet Leaf Tea will be offered in more than 500 company-operated 7-Eleven stores in Texas and Colorado.

7-Eleven stores will initially carry four of Sweet Leaf Tea’s flavors: Original Sweet Tea, Original Diet Sweet Tea with Splenda, Mint & Honey Green Tea, and Raspberry & Tangerine Tea. The convenience retailer will evaluate adding the remaining four flavors: Lemon & Lime Unsweetened Tea, Peach Tea, Diet Peach Tea, and Organic Hibiscus Tea.

Based in Austin, Texas, Sweet Leaf Tea is committed to brewing iced tea with natural ingredients, including the USDA-certified organic Hibiscus tea. Sweet Leaf Tea vice president of sales, David Smith, said that expanding distribution with 7-Eleven represents a milestone for the company.

Women’s Coffee Tour of Chiapas, Mexico

Women leaders in the specialty coffee industry are invited to join Women in Coffee’s first trip to Mexico, taking place this September 23-30th. The trip is being held in conjunction with the first annual Organic Coffee Festival in San Cristobal de las Casas (JOVEL), Chiapas. Participants will learn more about the causes of the crisis and will discuss solutions, and will also visit indigenous cooperatives, shade and organic coffee farms and projects that are helping farmers survive the crisis.

Accommodation will be at the distinctive NaBolom Cultural and Research Center in beautiful San Cristobal de las Casas. Yoga and a spa visit are included.

During the Coffee Festival, there will be an opportunity to participate with farmers and other industry representatives in a full day of educational sessions and discussions about organic coffee process, culture and market.

Coffee farm tours will include the local indigenous communities of Chamula and Zinacantan, a visit at the Fiech cooperative in Monte Bello, and a look at women-owned farms and projects impacting women and children of the community. The UNCAFESUR warehouse and roasting plant, as well as local cooperatives in the Altos de Chiapas region to see how the Fair Trade program is helping the communities are also on the itinerary. The FIECH coffee processing plant will be toured, as well as stops at communities and tourist sites.

Cost is $1,295 per person for a double room or $1,645 for a single.

For details, contact: Kimberly Easson, Tel: (1)(415) 824-1484, E-mail: tours@JavaVentures.com OR Elan Organic Coffees, E-mail: info@elanorganic.com, Tel: (1)(619) 235-0392. Web site: www.womenincoffee.com.

New Grading Charts from Green Coffee Association

The Green Coffee Association’s newly redesigned coffee grading charts on Brazil Arabicas, Colombian Arabica, and Washed Arabica are now available. The charts show the various defects. Each chart is $10, or $25 for a complete set of all three charts. Postage & handling is $5.

Green Coffee Association, 39 Broadway, New York, New York 10006. Tel: (1)(212) 201-8883, Fax: (1)(212) 785-3959, E-mail: greencoffee@nybot.com.

NCA’s Industry Standard Study

The National Coffee Association of the U.S.A. (NCA) has published its 2004 National Coffee Drinking Trends, uncovering the first significant spike in seniors’ gourmet coffee beverage consumption and a jump in out-of-home consumption by all but 18-24 year-olds, among other findings.

According to the report, nearly eight in ten Americans drink coffee, with half of the population drinking coffee daily. While total consumption remained steady from last year, daily gourmet coffee consumption spiked from 12 to 16%

“Consumers are responding to the wider variety of coffee options now readily available to them,” said Robert F. Nelson, president and c.e.o. of the NCA.

Coffee drinkers 60 and older appear for the first time to have shifted their consumption toward gourmet coffee beverages, up from 9% to 13%. At the same time, they have increased their out-of-home consumption over the last year, 14% to 20%.

Among other age groups, the study also uncovered an increase of out-of-home consumption, a shift from recent trending toward in-home consumption. Among coffee drinkers aged 25-29, out-of-home consumption jumped from 42% to 66% and among those 30-59 from 33% to 46%. However, 18-24 year-olds continued to drink more coffee at home.

The increase in gourmet coffee beverage consumption appears to be driven for the first time by espresso-based beverages, with a jump among daily drinkers from 4% to 7%.

The study also uncovered a major increase in coffee drinkers who drink both traditional and gourmet coffee beverages, up from 38% in 2003 to 54% in 2004. Those who drink exclusively gourmet coffee beverages dropped from 5% to 4%.

Cafe Biz in Australia

The National Conference for the Australian Cafe Industry will be held October 25th in Sydney.

The event will showcase cafe related products and services and have workshops such as In Store Roasting, Latte Art, Cafe Food Presentation and Coffee Economics. The event will also host Australia’s richest barista competition, which will be judged by World Champion Barista 2003 Paul Bassett and international WBC judges.

Information: Tel: (61)(2) 65504052, Website www.cafebiz.com.

Tea & Coffee - September/October, 2004


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