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The world of tea & coffee is expanding into many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

The World’s First Tea Espresso

Red Espresso, a 100% Rooibos tea is a hand-harvested, refined and packaged tea in Cape Town, South Africa is hitting stores stateside. Managing director Peter Ethelston said, “red espresso has been a huge success in South Africa, and we are very excited to enter the U.S. market. This uniquely refined product fuses two fast-track global trends: café culture and good health. Revolutionizing coffee by offering a healthy alternative, red espresso allows you to have your cappuccino and drink it – with a clear conscience and unadulterated sophistication.

Red Espresso is a tea espresso, specially refined for use in an espresso machine characterized by its rich, full-bodied, warm and delicious taste with none of the bitterness often associated with coffee. It contains no colorants, preservatives, additives or caffeine and has four times more anti-oxidants than a traditional cup of Rooibos tea. The product is extremely versatile in café-style drinks that can be enjoyed as an espresso shot, and also forms the heart range or café-style “red drinks” including red cappuccinos, red lattes and red frappes.

Red Espresso, Suite 4, 99 Hope Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa, Postal address: P.O. Box 338, Greenpoint, 8051, Cape Town, South Africa, Tel: +(27) 21 461 6965, Fax: +(27) 21 465 8560, Email: info@redespresso.com.

Experience Authentic Tea Fusion with Lipton Pyramid Teas

Lipton Tea recently introduced the latest innovation to meet growing consumer desire for premium teas with Lipton’s Pyramid Teas.

Lipton Pyramid Teas delivers the full flavor of loose-leaf tea within the convenience of a pyramid-shaped bag. The revolutionary pyramid tea bag allows for the long leaf tea, herbs and real fruit pieces to flow freely, creating an authentic tea experience.

Each unique variety of Lipton Pyramid Tea is comprised of the highest quality, long leaf tea, handpicked from the top two leaves of the plant by Lipton tea experts around the world.

The tea bags come in six varieties including: African Sunset Red Tea, Alpine Berry Flavored Black Tea, Asian Green Sencha Tea, Fujian Pearl White Tea, Tropical Temptation Herbal Tea Infusion and Twilight Ceylon Tea.

Unilever Foodsolutions, 2200 Cabot Drive, Suite 300, Lisle, IL 60532, Tel: +1 (800) 272-1217, Email: info@unileverfoodsolutions.us, Web: www.unilever.com.

Innovative Solutions to Brew by The Cup

Innovated Products MFG, developer of new handmade products recently introduced a new Drip Station for the convenience to serve any gourmet coffee by the cup. The product is available in two and four-cup stations that can be set up in Coffee Shops, Grocery Delis, Cafeteria, Specialty Shops, Meetings, etc.

Simply take any fresh roasted gourmet coffee bean, grind for one cup, place in filter, pour over boiling water and enjoy! The product offers a simple, compact solution for coffee, espresso, latte, mocha and hot chocolate.

Innovated Products MFG Inc., 18 Automatic Road, Units 14 & 15, Brampton, Ontario, L6S 5N5 Canada, Tel: + (1)(905) 799-8197, Fax: +1 (905) 799-3725, E-mail, moletic@innovatedproductsmfg.com, Web: www.innovatedproductsmfg.com.

A New Super Cleaner For Super Coffee Grinders

Renowned for almost 100 years for its variety of cleaners and detergents, the Italian company Asachimici has also developed a specialty in cleaning products for the global range of espresso coffee brewing and grinding equipment.  Joining its popular coffee equipment cleaning products, Puly Caff and Puly Milk, the company is now bringing to market the newly formulated Puly Grind Cristalli.

Puly Grind Cristalli has been created to meet the most stringent concerns as to beverage sector service “food quality” purity.  Puly Grind Cristalli is composed from edible and ecologically friendly substances. This new product can replace standard tablets, and is said to be unique on the market.  The product goal is to more thoroughly clean the grinder mill blades and grooves while also leaving virtually no residue of its own in blade grooves — a problem encountered from powder-consistency cleaners whose residues can become a clogging factor.

Puly Grind Cristalli also offers an odorless, colorless, soft crystal texture that is dust free.  The mixture is reputed to test out as enhancing grinding performance while giving better protection to the specific integrities of dosed coffees. Its cleansing attributes have shown to extend blade lifetime. 

Targeted at the grinding function of fresh-bean super automatics, Puly Grind Cristalli is packaged in individual sachets of 15 grams (versus the more standard 20g weight of grinder tablets). 

Asachimici s.n.c. di G. Carubelli & C., via N. Sauro, 24 - 26039 Vescovato (CR) Italia, Tel. +39 0372 830494 fax +39 0372 830029, e-mail: pulycaff@asachimici.com, Web: www.pulicaff.com.

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