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Special Feature:
More Than Just the Taj Mahal -
Tea & Coffee Pilgrimages in India

By Alexis Rubinstein
For most visitors to Tea & Coffee World Cup/ASIA in Hyderabad, it may be a valuable decision to extend their trip and incorporate industry-related activities within the country that truly has everything to offer.
Coffee Feature:
Café Iguaçu:
Eco-friendly & Thriving

By Katherine McCabe

With the world’s increased concern for the environment, soluble coffee manufacturer Cia Iguaçu has been and continues to develop environmentally friendly programs for the coffee industry.
Tea Feature:
Specialty Teas from the Bolivian Mountains
By Jane Pettigrew
After unsuccessful attempts to establish a profitable tea industry in Bolivia in the 20th century, the tea plantations high up in the Andes are now producing acclaimed specialty organic teas for the international market.
Specialty News:
A Look at Vermont’s Analytical Coffee Minds
By Larry Luxner
Coffee Enterprises of Vermont offers a high level of strategic coffee consulting and an analytical and sensory testing facility, working with industry leaders such as Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s.

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