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Tea and coffee are now a popular phenomenon, but companies are always looking for new and innovative ways to market tea and coffee-related products. This month’s product showcase features novel ideas that range from a new take on chai, to a fun gadget that makes lattes at home, to a coffee product that combines the convenience of instant with the conscience of organic.

Healthy Chai
David Rio, innovators of teas such as their line of chai inspired by Endangered Species: Tiger Spice, Elephant Vanilla, Giraffe Decaf and Tortoise Green Tea recently released their latest invention. An all natural, Power Chai, developed for the discriminating, health conscious consumer. Made with tea catechins, (a natural anti-oxidant), and honey, (known to cure many ailments) this chai has many health benefits.

In addition, it is easy to prepare, simply mix Power Chai with milk. Additional exhilarating spices added to Power Chai include Cardamom to stimulate the mind, Cloves to invigorate, Ginger to heal and Cinnamon to enhance and bring together the flavors.

David Rio Coffee & Tea, Inc., P.O. Box 885462, San Francisco, California 94188, Tel: (1) (415) 642-1066, Fax: (1) (415) 642-1067, E-mail: chai@davidrio.com, Web site: www.davidrio.com.

Senok Is All About Tea
Senok Tea, established in 1983, has been supplying pure Ceylon tea to markets in Europe, Asia and North America. Their tea selection includes 16 hot tea flavors and six iced tea blends, with flavors such as apple cinnamon, chai, earl grey, English Breakfast, mango & orange, berry, apricot and peppermint. Senok offers not only what are referred to as the “traditional blend,” but also supplies flavored teas and herbal infusions.

Senok sells bulk and retail. They offer traditional black tea, flavored and spice tea, herbal tea, green tea, rare tea, and iced-tea. Senok also offers food service programs that provide their clients with display boxes, display racks, tea brewers and tea dispensers.

Senok Tea, 126 S. Spokane Street, Seattle, Washington 98124. Tel: (1)(206) 903-0858, Fax: (1)(206) 624-3026, E-mail: admin@senoktea.com, Web site: www.senoktea.com.

Instant and Organic
InterNatural Foods recently premiered their new product Mount Hagen Organic Coffee. This product is the first certified organically grown, freeze dried instant coffee - which means that it is free of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides chemical fertilizers. This instant coffee uses only shade grown hand-picked highland arabica beans and is packed without additives or preservatives. In addition, this coffee eliminates wasteful perking in small households, mixed beverage families and offices.

Linda Palame, vice president of InterNatural Foods LLC, says, “The European food industry is often ahead of the curve for natural and organic products. Our mission at InterNatural Foods is to recognize niche opportunities in the natural food marketplace and to offer the best available product to fill the void.”

InterNatural Foods LLC, 15 Prospect Street, Paramus, New Jersey 07652. Tel: (201) 909-0808, Fax: (201) 909-0932, E-mail: Info@InterNaturalFoods.com, Web site: www.internaturalfoods.com

Whip it Up
Tordia Trading Corporation recently introduced the Latte-Whip, which is a lightweight, versatile new way to turn a home kitchen into a café. With its innovative whipping coil and special motor, the Latte-Whip takes only seconds to whip coffee, milk and even low-fat milk into a cloud of foam for a perfect cup of coffee. The Latte-Whip is cordless and compact and is available in white or chrome.

The Latte-Whip is a new alternative to traditional milk frothers. Milk steamers and screen frothers can be difficult to use, require extensive cleaning and can only froth milk. The company says that Latte-Whip is the new generation of cappuccino machine that fits in the palm of your hand.

Latte-Whip, 138-1520 Lancaster Drive, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, L6H 2Z2. Tel: (905) 844-8127, Fax: (905) 844-0449, E-mail: menzel@thelattewhip.com, Web site: www.thelattewhip.com

Innovative Cup Design
The Waddington North America company recently introduced their new Java Mug line of plastic coffee cups. The company says that these cups are unlike anything else in the market today. For example, the unique handle design avoids contact with the hot cup and accommodates larger hands. The cups also have a more durable pedestal design. With a 33% larger print area than other cups, a company has more room to promote their brand. Another benefit of the Java Mug is it has 43% less stack height than traditional plastic coffee cups. They are available in white, ivory, black and clear and hold 8 ounces of liquid.

Waddington North America is a manufacturer of quality plastic disposable plates, cups, trays, cutlery and customized packaging.

Waddington North America, 6 Stuart Road, Chelmsford, Massachusetts 01824-4186, Tel: (1) (978) 256-6551, Fax: (1) (978) 256-1614, Web site: www.wna-inc.com

Fresh Coffee Hours Later
Fresh Brew is a patented product that helps maintain coffee’s freshly brewed flavor and aroma for hours. The 3 5/8-inch copper disc

sits directly on both consumer and commercial drip coffeemaker burners, slightly raising the coffee carafe with its for “flavor dimples.” Then convection action evenly disperses and controls the flavor-destroying heat patterns and helps to prevent bitter coffee and burnt pots. In addition to maintaining the flavor of freshly brewed coffee, Fresh Brew saves money every day. An environmentally conscious product, Fresh Brew helps eliminate water, energy and coffee waste.

Affiliated Inventors Foundation, Inc, which evaluates new products, gave Fresh Brew a Five-Star Plus rating for product benefits, concepts, design, uniqueness, and performance. Fresh Brew can be found in retail stores throughout the United States.

Jokari/US, Inc., 1205 Venture Court, Suite 100, Carrollton, Texas 75006-5491. Tel: (1) (972) 416-5202, Fax: (1) (972) 416-5717.

Spreading Cheer
Boston Warehouse recently introduced Debbie Mumm Teapot Spreader Gift Cards for spreading Christmas cheer, as well as butter, jam and marmalade. Each card features Debbie Mumm’s artwork on the card with a message. Attached to each card is a hand painted 5-inch spreader in a creative teapot design. These cards are available in four teapot designs, each 5” by 7” card is polybagged with peggable header. To merchandise the product at retail, Debbie Mumm Teapot Spreader Cards are packaged in a 12-unit countertop display promoting, as the company states, “Heartwarming Gifts to Spread Everyday Cheer.”

Boston Warehouse, 59 Davis Avenue, Norwood, Massachusetts 02062-3048. Tel: (781) 769-8550; Fax: (781) 769-9468.

Tea & Coffee - October/November 2001

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