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Bellissimo Launches New Consulting Web Site

Bellissimo Coffee InfoGroup, a company known for its award-winning video training materials, business manuals and consulting services, announces the launch of SpecialtyCoffeeConsulting.com, a new web site devoted to the company’s consulting division.

SpecialtyCoffeeConsulting.com explains in-depth Bellissimo’s consulting services and business products for new start-ups, and a section called Corporate Consulting lists the services that Bellissimo offers to those businesses already operating in the specialty coffee arena.

“We developed SpecialtyCoffeeConsulting.com to showcase the consulting arm of Bellissimo,” said Bruce Milletto, president of the company. “We wanted to clearly explain why Bellissimo is first and foremost a consulting company that supports itself with great products, most of which we develop and publish.”

Torani Presents Salute! Barista Appreciation Awards

Baristas work long hours, have early morning calls and deal with their fair share of grumpy customers. Torani, the makers of Italian flavoring syrups recognizes that it is time that the baristas get their day in the sun for their exemplary service and perfect lattes. From September 1 to November 31, 2003, café customers can nominate their favorite barista in the Torani competition. In 50 words or less, customers will share why their barista is the best and deserve to be ‘saluted’ by Torani. Torani wants to know what makes your nominee special and distinct.

One lucky nominated barista will be randomly selected to win a two-night/three-day trip for two to San Francisco. The barista will have the opportunity to see the birthplace of and assist in bottling their favorite syrup. All nominated baristas also receive a Torani Salute! Award certificate and an apron button to share their recognition with their customers.

The customer that nominates the winning barista will win a Torani Ultimate Party Package that includes a case of Torani syrups, glassware, a cocktail shaker, stir-sticks and other extras to host the ultimate gathering. The first 50 people to submit entries will also receive a complimentary Torani gift.

Nominations can be submitted online at www.torani.com. Each week the site will feature a nominated barista and share their story. Entries can also be submitted at select cafes, via fax (1)(650)875-1600 or mail at Torani Salute! Barista Appreciation Awards, 233 East Harris Avenue, South San Francisco, California 94080.

Nestle Brews Up New Coffee Factory

The Swiss Nestle confectionery company is to invest $120 million in building a coffee factory in the Krasnodar territory, the Russian Mirror reported.

Construction is scheduled to start in spring 2004 and be completed by autumn 2005. After the new enterprise attains full capacity, the share of locally produced coffee will reach 99% of Nestle’s coffee sales.

Coffee and health - A new perspective

For many people coffee is perceived as a health risk and this is one of the major factors limiting its consumption in many countries, states the International Coffee Organization. “It is common,” said Dr Illy, chairperson of the promotion committee of the International Coffee Organization, “to find misinformation on coffee and health disseminated that is 30 to 40 years old and frequently derived from outdated scientific literature and methods of research no longer acceptable.”

Recent scientific work shows very different results. The overwhelming bulk of evidence shows that moderate coffee drinking is perfectly safe - and is in no way a health risk. What emerges clearly from recent studies is the fact that coffee is more than caffeine and that the complexity of its chemical composition is responsible for the many new effects discovered.

The International Coffee Organization is addressing these outdated beliefs with the launch of the Positively Coffee Web site www.positivelycoffee.org. This site provides interested consumers and others with information on specific topics where independent scientific studies have shown coffee drinking to be beneficial to health. Since the start of the Positively Coffee Program in 2001, background information and summaries on a number of important topics concerning coffee and health have been prepared.

This fully referenced material was distributed initially to national coffee sectors around the world to support local activities in those markets. It is now being included on the Positively Coffee Website. To see what is available, visit the site at:www.positivelycoffee.org. For more information, contact Sylvia Robert-Sargeant, Coordinator, Positively Coffee Program, at positivelycoffee@ico.org.

Tea & Coffee - October/November, 2003


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