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East Indies Tea Merges with Florapharm

East Indies Tea Co., a Pennsylvania-based specialty tea importer, has merged with Florapharm GmbH of Schesslitz, Germany, a tea importer and blender. The merger brings together two like-minded companies who offer teas of high quality. Headquarters of Florapham Tea USA will be located in Pennsylvania. This merger is effective immediately.

Mim Enck, president of the newly formed company states,” Florapharm Tea USA will fill a niche in the market with a selection of unique and innovative blends, exceptional classical teas from the most recognized tea gardens worldwide, fruit blends and herbal infusions skewed to healing the body and mind. Our special flavor-safe sealed packaging guarantees long lasting quality of our teas.”

FlorapharmUSA, 7 Keystone Drive, Lebanon, Pennsylvania 17042. Tel: (1)(717) 376-0600, Fax: (1)(717) 376-0601, E-mail: mstea@paonline.com.

Lincoln & York Roaster Sold

The directors of Lincoln & York Ltd. have sold the shares of Yorkshire Coffee Supply Ltd. to Peros Ltd. of High Wycombe, England. Yorkshire Coffee Supply Ltd. supplies the foodservice market in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire with coffee and ancillary products.

Lincoln & York Ltd. will continue to focus on the European, private label coffee market under the directorship of Simon Herring and James Sweeting. Chairman, Simon Herring, said, “We are delighted with this announcement, which allows us to build upon our position in the European private label coffee market.”

Wendy’s To Sell Bits of Tim Horton in IPO

Wendy’s International Inc. is selling part of Canada’s iconic coffee chain, Tim Hortons, in an initial public offering, the company confirmed in an article published in the Financial Post.

After months of pressure from investors to improve its share price, the third-largest hamburger chain in the U.S. said it will sell 15 - 18% of Tim Hortons and raise as much as $900 million.

Shares of Canada’s biggest quick-service restaurant chain will trade on both the Toronto and New York stock exchanges, Dublin, Ohio-based Wendy’s said. The c.e.o, Jack Schuessler, said during a conference call that Wendy’s and Tim Hortons have outgrown one another, and would operate better as separate firms. Wendy’s may spin off all of Tim Hortons in the next two years. “Tim’s is growing faster; Wendy’s is maturing,” he said. “Tim’s has entered into the lunch space, at some point we believe Wendy’s will have breakfast. Down the road, one could see that Wendy’s and Tim’s would become competitors.”

Tim Hortons’ profit has grown at a combined annual rate of 21% since 2000, revenue at the chain has almost doubled in a four-year period to $996 million, and sales at stores open for more than a year averaged 7% a year during the same period in an industry where 2 to 3% annual growth is the average.

The majority of the 2,755 Tim Hortons are in Canada while a few reside in the northeastern U.S.

ECF Issues European Free Carrier Contract

At its recent annual general meeting, the European Coffee Federation approved the European Free Carrier Contract for Coffee (E.FCA.C.C.). Under a Free Carrier or FCA contract, the seller delivers the goods, cleared for export, to the carrier nominated by the buyer at the named place.

The FCA contract responds to changes in logistics and buying patterns. Increasingly, buyers are taking delivery of coffee prior to the ship’s rail. This may be at an inland container freight station or the shipping line’s receiving station at port. In these situations buyers and sellers can now avail themselves of the new standard contract.

The other provisions of the E.FCA.C.C. follow the principles of the existing European Contract for Coffee (E.C.C.), one of the most widely used standard coffee contracts in the world. The E.FCA.C.C. will become effective January 1, 2006. The existing ECF standard coffee contracts (European Contract for Coffee, European Contract for Spot Coffee and European Delivery Contract for Coffee) remain unchanged.

The European Coffee Federation regrets that, other than with the latest revision of the European Coffee Contract, they have not been able to draft the E.FCA.C.C with the cooperation of representatives of exporters and associations of producing countries. They withdrew from the discussions because of irreconcilable differences of opinion concerning weights and quality.

The European Coffee Federation (ECF) is confident that the new E.FCA.C.C. meets the needs of buyers and sellers and will rapidly find its way into their day-to-day operations, as is already the case with the E.C.C. Like the existing standard contracts, the E.FCA.C.C. will be revised regularly to respond to changes in the market.

The ECF is the umbrella organization of the European green coffee trade, coffee roasting industry and soluble coffee manufacturers. Its membership represents an annual import volume of about 40 million bags.

Roel Vaessen is the ECF secretary general and can be reached at: Tel: (31)(20) 511 38 15, Fax: (31)(20) 511 38 92, E-mail: ecf@coffee-associations.org; Web: www.ecf-coffee-org.

Dillanos Chosen As Seattle’s Favorite Coffee

The results are in from the Seattle Times Northwest Source 2005 online public opinion poll, and Kapow Coffee Café, serving Dillanos Coffee for the past seven years, was selected as Seattle’s favorite single location coffeehouse. The coffeehouse is located in the heart of the city at 1165 Harrison Street.

“It had to be our people and smooth coffee, not our modest renovated storage space that won over the hearts and taste buds of our customers,” said Kapow owner, Angela Baker.

Baker said that cramped space doesn’t keep her team of baristas from turning out exceptional coffee beverages - and even a free Pop Tart for famished customers. From online polling comments, the tight quarters in no way prevent the Kapow staff from “making you feel completely a part of its little world.”

Sumner, Washington-based Dillanos Coffee has grown to become one of the largest handcrafted micro roasters of specialty coffee in the Northwest. The roaster now sells specialty coffee in nearly all 50 states. It was recently selected as the number one “2005 Top Place To Work in South Puget Sound” by a panel of human resources judges in Pierce County in conjunction with the Business Examiner.

Coffee Fest Announces Seattle Line-up

Coffee Fest has been selected for the second year in a row as one of Tradeshow Week’s “50 Fastest Growing Shows” in North America. Winners are chosen based on percentage of growth in exhibit space as well as growth of total net square footage. From 2002 through 2004, Coffee Fest Las Vegas grew nearly 70% in these areas.

Following up on this, Coffee Fest has scheduled the following events for its 2005 Seattle show, to be held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center from October 28 - 30.

Coffee Fest’s popular three-day specialty coffee business seminar presenters, Kent Holloway, David J. Morris, Tommy Thwaites and Greg Hartlein will host the Coffee Fest/ International Academy of Specialty Coffee (IASC) Hands-On Barista Training, sponsored by Nuova Simonelli. Classes cost $269 per person. Sessions will occur from 8 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as from 1:30 p.m. until 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday. IASC Barista Certification testing will also occur at Coffee Fest Seattle. Interested baristi may visit www.coffeefest.com for more information. Cost for the testing is $69.

Coffee Fest is hosting, in conjunction with Stirling Gourmet Flavors, the second “Stirling Signature Beverage Open,” a free-form competition designed to shine a spotlight on quality and creativity in beverage making. Open to professionals as well as amateurs, this competition will occur from 12:30p.m. until 4 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and from 12:30 until 2:30 on Sunday. Two cash prizes of $500 each will be awarded - one for best-tasting beverage and one for most creative beverage.

The Millrock Latte Art Competition presented by Tea & Coffee Trade Journal will feature some of the country’s finest latte artists competing head-to-head. Preliminary rounds will occur from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, the top 10 competitors from the previous two days’ competitions will face off. The winner will walk away with $1,000, 2nd place with $500 and 3rd place with $250.

Six hands-on latte art classes will be held at Coffee Fest’s Millrock Latte Art Competition venue: 12:30 until 2:30 on Friday and Saturday and 3p.m. until 5p.m. on Sunday, including two each on Friday and Saturday and one on Sunday. Admission for each class is $99; classes are limited to six students each.

The first 1,500 attendees to walk through the exhibition doors will receive a custom reusable burlap gift bag chock-full of great items, including one pound of fresh-roasted coffee from Fidalgo Bay Coffee Roasters, a TimeMug coffee tumbler, a package of Smooth ‘n Melty Mints with Nonpareils from Guittard Chocolate Company, a scented pen from Java Jot, a one-year subscription to Barista Magazine and a vegan cookie and brownie.

Last, but certainly not least, Coffee Fest invites attendees and exhibitors to “Get Down Tonight” at a special reception featuring KC and the Sunshine Band!

All of the above is in addition to Coffee Fest’s usual line-up of more than 65 educational sessions and focused exhibition featuring more than 265 booths. Coffee Fest is dedicated to the growth and proliferation of the specialty coffee, gourmet tea and alternative beverage industries. More information can be obtained at www.coffeefest.com or by calling (1)(425) 283-5058.

Good Deeds: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the oldest and largest privately held chain of specialty coffee and tea stores in the U.S., is a major sponsor of The Help Group, one of the largest non-profits serving young people with special needs, including those related to autism. This year, as part of the retailer’s ongoing commitment to children and education, it has increased its support for a total of $115,958 since 2004 to support The Help Group’s 2005 National Autism Awareness Campaign, which promotes early identification and intervention in autism. In addition to The Help Group, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gives back to the communities through organizations all around the world. Other programs include: Adopt-A-Classroom (California), Bogawantalawa Estates (Sri Lanka), Aid Lanka Kids Foundation (Sri Lanka), Education for Coffee Growing Families (Colombia), Kidane Mhret Students’ Self-Help Association (Ethiopia), and The Children’s Society (Singapore).

Colombian Cup of Excellence Finds 33 Great Coffees

Medellín, Colombia, the location of the second cupping competition for the best coffees of Colombia hosted cuppers from all over the world recently as they slurped and scored their favorites from among 60 semifinalists which had passed through the first two phases of the famous competition process. These first phases cupped by a national jury began with over 800 coffees samples submitted by farmers from numerous regions of Colombia.

Gregorio Arnulfo Botinas coffee from his El Aguacate farm in the Nariño region won first place. Excited international jurors had described his coffee as a harmonious coffee, very sweet and lush, with flavors of sweet plum, peaches and lime citrus notes. “It was apparent even before the scores were tabulated that this was a very special coffee, explained Susie Spindler, executive director of the Cup of Excellence program, These Colombian farmers have every reason to be very proud and thrilled with their accomplishment.”

José Yepes came in second place for coffee from the Balvanera farm also located in Nariño. Hernando Artunduagas coffee from the Huila Guayacanera farm came in third and Luis Alivio Puyo, also of Huila, enjoyed fourth place with coffee from the Palacio farm. In all, 33 farmers stepped up to the podium and received the coveted Cup of Excellence award after having their coffee cupped at least five times by three different juries during the month long competition.

Samples of these 33 winning coffees will be sent to interested coffee roasters to be cupped and evaluated again on their own cupping tables. On October 6th a worldwide internet auction will determine the owner when the highest bidder buys the coffee for his customers to enjoy.

In addition to Colombia, The Cup of Excellence program holds competitions in Brazil, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Bolivia. Plans are underway for expansion into other countries throughout the world. This is the 21th competition to date.

For details about all winning farmers and to register for samples and the auction log on to: www.cupofexcellence.org

Mahlkönig Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Mahlkönig, a leading brand for grinders celebrates 80 years. Approximately 90% of the Mahlkönig products are used for grinding coffee. Since 1999 Nils Erichsen has been managing partner of the Hamburg, Germany-based company. Milestones in the last years were:

- Establishments of subsidiaries for distribution in Germany, Denmark, U.S., China and Italy. New subsidiaries are planned for India, Japan and South America. With this, the firm ensures the distribution and servicing of over 350,000 grinders through distributors and service partners.

- Entry into the restaurant- / catering market with a significant expansion of the product portfolio. The newly developed “grind-on-demand” espresso-grinders for traditional espresso machines found a high acceptance internationally. The single-espresso-grinder K30ES was awarded the “Red Dot”-design award.

- A significant increase of the order volume for in-built grinders for fully automatic coffee machines. To be able to fullfil these orders, new employees in the R & D-department have been hired and investments were made in 3-D-CAD-Technology and a modern test laboratory.

- Focus on accessory products as coffee bins and the development of the worldwide first and patented grinder cleaner “Grindz.” This product was developed with URNEX Inc. of New York.

Tea & Coffee - October/November, 2005
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