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It’s Happening in Hyderabad, India

Hyderabad — Tea and coffee, the world’s two most popular beverages, are brewing up a storm in Hyderabad from November 20-22 at the Tea & Coffee World Cup/ASIA 2008 Exhibition and Symposium.

The event, held in alternate years in Europe and Asia, has grown to encompass all aspects of tea and coffee and attracts visitors and exhibitors from all walks of the industries. New equipment and products, technologies and processes are presented alongside old favorites; new origins and exciting opportunities are displayed alongside perennial brands and blends. Alongside the all-encompassing exhibition, Tea & Coffee World Cup Exhibitions and Symposiums presents experts from around the world sharing their opinions, views and expertise to international delegates, together with a wide variety of floor events sure to attract great interest.

The organizers are still finalizing several events as we go to press, but as of now, Tea & Coffee World Cup/ASIA is shaping up to be a world-beating, must-attend event for the added-value events that have already been arranged.

These include a three-hour Barista Academy class run by Vikram Khurana, CEO of Kaapi Machines India Pvt. Ltd. The class will feature “Brewing the correct shot of espresso” and will focus on espresso-related training that includes using a correct espresso blend, the importance of correct grind size adjustment, the distribution of coffee in the porta filter, correct tamping and more. Khurana will also be presenting another class entitled: “Cappuccino - an artist’s impression” and will focus on correct ways of milk steaming, learning the correct temperature, identifying a good foam of milk and pouring the milk for good presentation.

India’s “Coffee Ambassador,” Sunalini Menon, of India’s prestigious CoffeeLab, will be conducting a two-hour coffee cupping class offering an in-depth evaluation of Arabica coffee.The Coffee Board of India is inviting visitors to attend a series of presentations and events highlighting the best of Indian coffee.

For tea lovers, The Golden Leaf India Awards will be holding a two-hour tea tasting featuring the teas selected by its judges to be the finest examples of southern Indian teas. The Golden Leaf India Awards is a joint initiative of the Tea Board of India and the United Planters’ Association of Southern India (UPASI). It attempts to unfold the hidden vistas of quality characteristics of South Indian teas. The TGLIA tasting session will showcase teas from the different agro-climatic origins of Southern India.

The Sri Lanka Tea Board has issued an invitation for visitors to experience Ceylon specialty teas at Tea & Coffee World Cup/ASIA. This is a great opportunity to try Ruhuna, Kandy, Dimbula, Uva, Uda Pussellawa and Nuwara Ellya tea.

Confirmed in-house tea symposium topics so far include: A Tea for All Seasons - Specialty Teas of the World; What Makes a Good Tea Great? Adding Value to Origins; The Changing Face of the Teabag; Health and Wealth - Health Claims & Marketing; Beyond Fair Trade; Frontiers of Tea; Teabag Paper - The Future; A Comparative Study: Marketing Coffee and Tea and Bagging It - Teabags for the 21st Century.

Coffee symposium presentations confirmed so far include: Taste of Success - What Comes After Starbucks?; Supply of Microlots of Distinct Estate Branded Coffees - A Producer’s Perspective; Coffee Cultures of Asia; Coffee 101 - Best Practices: Educating New Consumers to Gourmet Coffees and The Coffee Conundrum - Higher Prices and Oversupply - Where to Next?

Exhibitions offer mass exposure, enabling you to reach a large portion of the marketplace in a short space of time. They are also one of the quickest and most cost effective means of exploring and entering new export markets. Tea & Coffee World Cup/ASIA 2008 will put you in contact with over 200 exhibitors from over 30 countries exhibiting goods and services for every conceivable need that anyone in the tea and coffee industry might have.

For updated event information visit: www.tcworldcup.com/hyderabad.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton Facilitates Rwandan Coffee Sales

Kigali — Clinton visited Kigali courtesy of the charity organization called Clinton Hunter Development Initiative (CHDI) to push to connect Rwandan farmers directly to retail markets with the launch of the “Rwandan Farmers” coffee brand owned by, and for the benefit of, farmers in Rwanda. “I am here as part of my mission to garner support from donors to be able to facilitate more Rwandan coffee farmers whose production would find retail outlets in the U.S., the Middle East and high consumer markets,” Clinton said. During the visit, he affirmed his $100 million commitment over 10 years in Rwanda and Malawi to establish programs that generate sustainable economic growth.

By developing their own brand of coffee, some 8,700 rural coffee farmers in Rwanda will receive 100% of the gross brand margin. “Rwandan Farmers” coffee will be initially stocked exclusively in supermarket chain Sainsbury’s and Whole Foods with 16% of sales being clear profit returned to the farmers via their own trust fund.

Rwanda Farmers’ Coffee is a brand developed with Rwandan farmers themselves and delivered with the pro bono support of several participants, including BMB Design who worked to develop the brand image and e-commera who are delivering an online presence.

This launch marks the continuing efforts of CHDI to facilitate direct and sustainable impact on poverty alleviation by delivering programs that focus on export enablement, import substitution and domestic food production at scale, in combination with programs that strengthen health, water, sanitation and education infrastructure. CHDI has worked with 6,500 coffee farmers for over a year to expand their access to financing, improve their production and processing capacity, facilitate international sales, and develop a new “Rwandan Farmers” coffee brand.

Rwandan Farmers coffee is not only Fair Trade, but also is offsetting its carbon footprint through a “whole cycle” program of tree planting. This program sees the farmers plant shading trees around the coffee, which in turn enhances the quality of the coffee and increases nitrogen in the soils.

For further information please visit www.rwandanfarmers.com.

Tea & Coffee - October, 2008
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