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Pressurex Force Indicating Sensor from Sensor Products
Sensor Products Inc. introduces Pressurex, a tactile force indicating sensor. The sensor is useful in assessing compression magnitude and distribution between any two mating or impacting surfaces. Application for the product exists for both manufacturing process control and machine/component inspection and calibration.

The Pressurex sensor comes in the form of a large thin sheet, actually a film, physically similar to this page. When placed in between impacting or mating surfaces, the sensor film instantaneously and permanently changes color. The intensity of this color is proportional to the amount of force applied allowing the user to actually quantify the stress characteristics across the surface. Precise PSI (kg/cm2) can be determined by comparison of the sensor film to a color calibration chart (conceptually similar to interpreting Litmus paper), or by using one of several imaging systems that the company supplies.

Pressurex can be used as an aid in R & D and quality control. In aseptic packaging systems, for applications such as validation and calibration of sealing die pressure duing food and drug packaging. In aseptic packaging systems such as CAP/MAP, Pressurex aids in fulfilling GMP compliance by revealing weak spots, channels and wrinkles at the sealing surface, states the company. Pressurex is also used to verify and record pressure distribution during equipment set-up, preventive maintenance and product changeover for a few systems for various Form/Fill/Seal, Deposit/Fill/Seal and CAP/Map systems. Finally, it is also useful in package drop test measurement, measuring roller pressure, interface pressure and taking nip impression between rollers.

Sensor Products, Inc., 188 Route 10, Ste. 307, East Hanover, New Jersey 07936. Tel: (973) 884-1755, Fax: (973) 884-1699, E-mail: sales@sensorprod.com, Web site: www.sensorprod.com

CSV 40 Packet Tin-Tie from Quality Packages
ICA Quality-Packaging Inc. introduces the new CSV 40 Paket Tin-Tie packaging machine. This state-of-the-art packaging line is capable of producing over 50 stand-up packages per minute with a Tin-Tie bag top re-closure, partial vacuum and gas flush offering an extremely low oxygen residual for a long product shelf life. This machine is ideal for packaging ground and whole bean coffee with a de-gassing valve.

At only 15 feet in length and under 5 feet in width, this is the most compact machine of its kind. The machine was developed with economy, versatility, and quick and easy size change-ability as a priority.

Quality-Packaging, Inc., Suite 105 Barberry Ct., Chalfont, Pennsylvania 18914. Tel: (215) 997-1872, Fax: (215) 997-1043.

New Neuhaus Neotec Grinder
The new Neuhaus Neotec grinder WMK is an industrial coffee grinder in dust-tight design for multiple stage, phased grinding with uniform particle size distribution and high throughput such as hyper fine, espresso, filtergrind, and instant product.

It is constructed in sections that are connected with each other. These sections are the feeder, the grinding section(s), and a large mixer with compactor for chaff crushing and densification. The compactor is continuously adjusted via a servomotor. Two sections are equipped with one motor, the drive is be made via gear box.

The control is arranged outside the machine in an external switch cabinet. There is the possibility of operating the grinder by means of a remote control via PC.

For the adaptation to the required throughput capacity there are several gradations of length depending on the effective grinding gap widths.

The series WMK is available in one, two and three passages (cuts) with capacities from 800 to approximately 5500 kg/h. 16 different types of WMK are available with roll lengths of 700, 1000, 1400, and 1700 mm.

Neuhaus Neotec, Dieselstrasse 5-9 D-21465 Reinbeck. Tel: (49)(40) 7277-1500, Fax: (49)(40) 7277-1550, E-mail: nnsales@neuhaus-neotec.de, www.neuhaus-neotec.de

Modern Processing Equipment (U.S. and Canada Contact), 3125 South Kolin Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60623. Tel: (773) 254-3929, Fax: (773) 254-3935, E-mail: solutions@mpechicago.com, Web site: www.mpechicago.com/coffee

Tea & Coffee - November/December 2000
Modern Process Equipment


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