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Solo’s New Reclosable Lid
Consumers have less time on their hands and on-the-go coffee consumption is on the increase, says Solo Cup. Solo’s new reclosable lid is spill-resistant and durable for travel. Research shows consumers are more likely to purchase coffee at operations that feature the Traveler Plus Lid, states the company. The lid that can help set you apart from the competition. The Traveler Plus lid fits Solo’s 10, 12,16, 20, and 24 oz. paper hot cups - five cup sizes with one lid!

Solo Cup Co., 1616 Old Deerfield Road, Highland Park, Illinois 60635. Tel: (1)(831-4800, Fax: (1)(847) 831-4358. Website: www. solocup.com.

Modular Brand Group Buys Millrock
Modular Brand Group, a manufacturer of modular design systems has acquired Millrock brand and all product divisions. Millrock created revolutionary full-view greeting card and stationary displays over 25 years ago. Working directly with Starbucks, Millrock played a role in developing the Modular Café program and went on to manufacture over 500 locations throughout North America, including the first Starbucks in Japan. Marty Liebmann, David Stackhouse and Spencer Liebmann, former Millrock owners, will continue leading the company.

Through value engineering, Millrock streamlines programs for optimal efficiency production runs, creating a unique or uniform presentation, while achieving knock-out flexibility and affordability.

Shaun Weston founded Modular Brand Group in 200 0. Services include brand design, construction, store development management, foodservice design & consulting as well as manufacturing carts, food courts, in-line stores, modular store systems and POP displays.

Modular Brand Group, 67 Federal Ave Quincy, MA 02169 Tel: (1)(800) 645.7625, Fax: (1)(617) 687-7700, E-mail: sales@millrock.com, Web site: www.GrowYourBrand.com.

Rovema Vertical Bagger
ROVEMA Packaging Machines has added a servo-driven, multi-hole punch assembly to their existing VPK-260 machine specifically for the coffee market. The result is a continuous motion vertical bagger that can punch holes in a moving film web and accurately place valves over the holes. Additionally, the VPK-260 incorporates a Nitrogen Gas Flushing System that helps retain product freshness.

The VPK-260 offers the fastest possible speeds due to its patented servo driven continuous “D-Motion” cross sealing jaws which allow for more filling and sealing times, states the company. It features integrated controls with Allen Bradley ControlLogix and a PC-based touch screen. With its few moving parts and easy access to machine components, the VPK simplifies inspection, lowers maintenance costs and results in higher uptimes. Size changeovers take less than 10 minutes.

Rovema’s VPK-260 produces Pillow Style Bags, Flat Bottom Style Bags, Stabilo Seal Bags and other packages. The VPK processes a wide variety of different heat sealable and L.D.P.E. films ranging from very thin water soluble films to heavy paper structures.

Rovema Packaging Machines, 650 Hurricane Shoals Rd., Lawrenceville, GA 30045 Tel: (1)(770) 513-9604,Fax: (1)(770) 513-0814 Web site: www.rovema.com.

Tea & Coffee - November/December, 2003
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