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ICA, Pronto

ICA S.p.A., a manufacturer of coffee packaging machinery, has introduced a pod packaging system designed to produce 300-pods/minute in a variety of sizes and products, including compressed espresso pods, “single serve” and tea. Pod size changes and product changes are fast and efficient. ICA has utilized over 40 years of engineering experience to develop the Pronto Coffee System. The machine is a high performance, multi-lane “Drum System”, ideal for whether you need to “Mother Bag,” individually overwrap, or carton.

Quality Packaging Inc., 163 Sellersville Road, Chalfont, PA. 18914. Tel: (1)(215) 997-1872, Fax: (1)(215) 997-1043. Web: www.Quality-packaging.com, Email: qualitypackaging@comcast.net.

iMIX N’ Match

Bunn is introducing their new iMIX hot powdered beverage dispensers. The dispensers are available in four and five flavor models (iMIX-4 and iMIX-5) with a three-flavor model available later this year (iMIX-3).

The hoppers have a spring-loaded all metal auger drive system for easy loading and dependability. The nine pound hoppers also provide more cups of hot beverages between refills.

A low product indicator, which is a new feature, sounds an audible alert to let workers know when product needs to be refilled. A low product message also appears on the dispenser’s alphanumeric display, which can communicate advertising messages, machine status and technical support contract information in English and Spanish.

A seven-gallon hot water tank assures the dispensers will meet peak demand and the 7.25” cup clearance will accommodate popular cup sizes. The iMIX is engineered to provide control in easily selecting a flavor profile for the drink as well as holding the product mixing consistent with every drink.

The auger motors have RPM feedback monitoring to assure consistent flavors and profits by controlling product dosing. Push-and-hold and portion-control models are available.

Bunn-O-Matic Corporation, 1400 Stevenson Drive, Springfield IL. 62703-4291. Tel: (1)(217) 529-6601, Fax: (1)(217) 529-6622, Web site: www.bunnomatic.com.

Cateraide from Carlisle

Carlisle is introducing its new Cateraide Slide ‘N Seal Beverage Dispenser. The dispenser, which is available in either three or five gallon sizes, holds serving temperatures longer than traditional beverage servers. Its round twist-and-seal lid ensures leakproof transporting. There are also no latches or hinges to rust or break, and it’s constructing from scratch-resistant polyethylene.

The dispenser is also flexible -- by adding the optional riser, the faucet level can be raised up to seven inches to accommodate 20-ounce tumblers and most coffee cups. The design also accepts tags or padlocks for extra security.

Carlisle FoodService Products, P.O.Box 53006, Oklahoma City, OK. 73152-3006. Tel: (1)(405) 475-5600, Fax: (1)(405) 475-5607, Web site: www.carlislefsp.com, E-mail: customerservice@carlislefsp.com.

Curwood’s Coffee Packaging

Curwood is promoting that they are offering both foil and non-foil based structures to give maximum extended protection.

Some of Curwood’s packaging materials include factional packaging, ground and whole bean, single serve and pre-made pouches and valve bags.

Curwood also wants to make sure customers are aware of their various convenience options. Some of those include: “EZ Peel” films, which can be incorporated for scissors-less entry for both ground and whole bean coffee; and “IntegraPerf” opening feature which allows a controlled directional tear across the face of the package; and the “FancyCut” opening feature which provides notchless access and can be applied to the SlimFlex Stick pack.

Finally, Curwood also offers the IntegraScore, which gives stand up pouches convenient access. This feature is often combined with a slider zipper, which allows a controlled tear across the package.

Curwood, 2200 Badger Ave., P.O. Box 2968, Oshkosh, WI. 54903-2968. Tel: (1)(920) 303-7300, Fax: (1)(920) 303-7306, Web site: www.curwood.com.

Tea & Coffee - November/December, 2004


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