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From Germany to Central America:
Coffee Travels the World

This month, we highlight Germany - a strong tea and coffee-drinking nation whose consumption is beginning to dip. What doesn’t correspond to this declining number, however, is the country’s rising number of small coffee roasting shops. It is definitely a renaissance in the works, with coffee beverages and espresso playing a starring role.

The coffee roasters and coffee bars there are beginning to attract attention, but are they really selling more coffee? Imports and roasted coffee volumes are down, and decaf roasted coffee is sliding, but espresso, coffeepads and soluble coffee seems to be heading up.

There is a new International Coffee Center being built in the City of Hamburg, which is dedicated to gathering all types of coffee companies together - traders, brokers, agents and roasters, as well as soluble and decaf manufacturers. Representatives of the coffee service industry, food service machinery and ancillary equipment are welcome to find a home here. It is Neumann Gruppe’s chairman, Michael Neumann’s intention to bring all coffee companies together to share formal and informal meetings, and benefit from the resulting synergetic effects. The building is expected to be completed by 2008. (See Neumann Gruppe for more information, page 79).

Moving right along from Germany to Central America, the coffee industry continues its travel to Nicaragua and Brazil. The 6 th Annual Ramacafe International Coffee Conference, which was held in Managua, Nicaragua, provided a unique forum for members of the coffee industry to discuss pertinent issues in the ever-changing marketplace. Correspondent Guillermo Dardano Schimmel attended the show and reports on page 32. Meanwhile, Harry Jones attended the 16th Annual Santos International Coffee Seminar, which also brought together many notable individuals in the industry, as they discussed and mapped out the future outlook (over the next 10 years), with an emphasis on consumption in coffee producing countries (page 70).

We are also sending this issue to Costa Rica, to the 20th Annual Sintercafe Conference, as they reflect on the past 20 years and explore the possibilities for coffee for the next 20 years. Carlos Alfaro, Sintercafe’s president, invites the coffee community to look to the past to provide us with valuable lessons on which to build our forward-looking future. The organization has set up a ‘blog’ for people to share ideas before arriving to the show.

Yes, much has changed in the past 20 years!

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - November/December, 2006

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