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Special Feature:
The Global Coffee Curriculum
By Lauren Lund
Education is a never-ending process and when it comes to coffee, there is no such thing as learning too much. With so many resources available, there is no excuse for not knowing. So get out your pens and take note!
Coffee Feature:
Journals of Discovery:
The Practice of Roast-Data Logging

By Donald N. Schoenholt

Plotting, mapping, recording - itís all a vital role in roasting. Donald Schoenholt explains.
Tea Feature:
Flowering Teas:
A New Performer on the Tea Stage

By Dan Robertson
Performance teas, also known as blooming teas, flowering teas, blossoming teas or art teas have begun to take the specialty tea industry by storm. These hand-tied works of drinkable art are fast becoming a crossover product appealing to both loose tea veterans as well as teabag consumers.
Specialty News:
Thermal Afterburner
Fuel Savings

By J.L. Morrisey
A coffee roaster facing escalating gas costs turns to an afterburner supplier to assist in reducing fuel costs. Conversion Products analyzes the situation and advises.

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From the Editor's Desk:
Tea & Coffee World Cup Moves to Seville, Spain

World News:
Coffee and Tea Reports from the Front Line.

What's Happening in Coffee and Tea, and Where.

Product Showcase:
Tea and Coffee Innovations...

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