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Tea & Coffee World Cup Moves to Seville, Spain

Stop the Presses! The Tea & Coffee World Cup is changing venues from Madrid, Spain to Seville, Spain on June 7-9, 2009 at the FIBES Exhibition and Convention Centre. Dates remain the same, only the location has changed.

Our popular T&C World Cup has grown since 1994 when we first held our exhibition and symposium in Vienna. We have been fortunate with steady exhibition and trade attendance, as our European shows have become the meeting point for the tea and coffee industries.

However, we have changed the location to a more southern venue in Spain because of a last minute shocking rise in costs by the Exhibition Hall for utilities and services. We had originally agreed upon, and were assured of, a small several percentage increase; instead we received a several hundred percent increase! We felt this was unfair to exhibitors who would be understandably outraged being faced with a huge raise in utilities and other service supplies.

We are bringing Tea & Coffee World Cup to Seville, Spain’s fourth largest city and one of Europe’s most beautiful locales. The city will see its first ever coffee and tea event. Please visit our website to review our plans at: www.tcworldcup.com/seville.

As people come to our World Cup shows to learn about the latest technology and practices, other companies are participating in other formats of education. In our article, “Coffee Currciculum ‘Round the World,” writer, Lauren Lund offers several other locations where one can obtain a coffee education. She takes us from rural Thailand to Washington State for the many sites one can obtain agricultural, roasting and brewing knowledge (page 20). Donald Schoenholt reveals the value of roast data logging as roasters diligently keep copious notes on roasting styles and all affecting circumstances (page 26).

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher


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