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Coffee That Cares

Millstone Coffee’s new line of signature coffees helps support grower quality of life. The coffees meet the Millstone consumers' taste desires while providing a fair price to coffee growing communities.

The new products in the Millstone Signature Collection include: Millstone Mountain Moonlight Fair Trade Certified, Millstone Cup of Excellence Signature Roast, and Millstone Rainforest Alliance Certified Signature Roast

"We're proud to be partnering with leading organizations like TransFair USA, Rainforest Alliance, and Association of Coffee Excellence, who set the standards for sustainability - economic, social, and environmental," said Mike Griffith, president, Global Beverages, Millstone Coffee.

Millstone Coffee, Tel: (1)(513) 983-1100, Fax: (1)(425) 347-5076, Web site: www.millstone.com

A Restaurateur’s Office Coffee

Famous chef and restaurateur Wolfgang Puck is proud to offer his personal line of European Style Coffee to offices around the nation. These award-winning blends may have employees getting to work early to start the day.

Each variety of Wolfgang Puck Coffee reflects a significant and inspirational episode in his life and career.

Honored with the Gold Medal Award of Excellence from the American Tasting Institute, blends offered include: WP Reserve - an exotic blend of the coffees from Columbia and Kenya, Toscana - a milder, lighter roast with a wonderful rich sweet aroma, Sorrento - a diverse blend that is sweet with just a hint of dark roast flavors, WP Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffees/ WP Organic Coffees - WP Flavored Coffees-and many more, also available in decaffeinated.

WP Coffee Co., 1721 First Avenue South, Seattle WA 98134. Tel: (1)(206) 224-9301, Fax: (1)(206) 224-9304, E-mail: salesinfo@wpcoffee.com.

Coffee to Hang on the Wall

Artist Karen Eland takes coffee into another dimension; she uses only espresso to recreate familiar masterpieces. She adds a new twist to the works of Van Gogh, da Vinci, Picasso, and others. "Mona Latte's" smile is a little less mysterious when you notice she's holding a beautiful latte, The inspiration for this new art form came as she watched a shot of espresso flowing into a cup and noticed it's warm red-brown tones, thought of the staining ability of coffee, and was encouraged by the barista to try out her idea of painting with it. She sells prints and cards, and is currently working on a four by eight foot painting of da Vinci's "The Last Supper."

Coffee Creations, LLC., P.O. Box 700804, Tulsa, OK 74170. Tel: (1)(918) 695-9489, Fax: (1)(888) 277-8598, E-mail: info@coffee-art.com, Web site: www.coffee-art.com.

A Low-Calorie, White Tea Treat

Inko’s produces Ready-to-Drink teas containing the very rare White tea. Inko’s White Tea is an all-natural product that is brewed (not from concentrate or powder) and contains a subtle hint of steeped ginger and fructose crystals. It also contains, the company believes, the highest level of antioxidants of any tea including green tea. Inko’s recently launched its second flavor, Inko’s Unsweetened Hint O’ Mint - a sugar-free and carb-free version of the drink.

Inko’s is clean and crisp to the palate, devoid of grassy aftertaste associated with many other teas, and has a delicate sweetness with under 30 calories per serving.

Inko’s LLC, 413 E. 72nd St. Ste 3B, New York, NY 10021. Tel: (1)(917) 509-1903, Fax: (1)(212) 472-0016, E-mail: inkostea@aol.com, Web site: www.healthywhitetea.com.

Tea & Coffee - December/January, 2004

Theta Ridge Coffee

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