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Clicker Tamp for Well-Trained Baristi

The new Clicker Tamp from Espresso Parts Northwest addresses the issues behind hand placement and is designed ergonomically to enhance its function. As a training tool, the Clicker Tamp’s upper housing features an apron that allows for proper placement of both the index finger and thumb. This allows the barista to use the tool as if it were a standard espresso tamp, and results in more exact accuracy of pressure applied.

Manufactured using high quality materials, the Clicker Tamp is ideal for training Baristi in the skill of repetitive tamping pressures.

Espresso Parts Northwest, 120 Pear Street, Olympia, WA. 98506. Tel: (1)(360) 357-7781, Fax: (1)(360) 357-8895, Website: www.espressoparts.com.

Nalbach’s Rotary Indexing Auger Filler

Expanding on its product solutions for dispensing powders, granulars, and flakes, Nalbach Engineering Company has released a new family of rotary indexing auger fillers, the i-Series. The i-Series is designed to provide high fill accuracy and a minimum of maintenance for moderate speed applications up to 100 products per minute.

The i-Series features a gear base with servo drive motor, a direct infeed indexing starwheel turret, Nalbach’s servo driven auger fillers with touch screen control, Nalbach’s Advanced Seal Module and Nalbach’s product settling systems.

The use of a gear driven base virtually eliminates backlash and significantly reduces maintenance associated with chain driven bases and the direct infeed indexing starwheel turret provides an economic and reliable container control system.

Nalbach’s product settling systems are air or motor driven; bottom, side or step product settling systems are tailored to meet the needs of each customer’s container/product combination.

The i-Series also offers the option of Nalbach’s Active Weight Control system which interfaces with a checkweigher to make on-the-fly adjustments to compensate for variations in product density to insure accurate fills and minimize product “give-away.”

Nalbach Engineering Company, Inc., 621 East Plainfield Road Countryside, IL 60525. Tel: (1)(708) 579-9100, Fax: (1)(708) 579-01202, E-mail: eatwell@nalbach.com, Website: www.nalbach.com.

Bulk Coffee Possibilities

Trade Fixtures/Newleaf Designs introduced at this year’s Coffee Fest Seattle their new bulk coffee bins, which won first place for the best product at the show.

The UV blocking bin material is designed to reduce the oxidation of oils to maintain the integrity of the beans. The bins are also contoured and smooth which is an ideal design for avoiding build-up of residue from specialty coffees.

The gravity bins also allow for “first-in, first-out” dispensing of the beans, ensuring that customers receive the freshest coffee.

Cross merchandised items such as filters, brewers, pre-packs, mugs, samplers and condiments can be designed into a unit to create a complete gourmet coffee department.

Trade Fixtures/Newleaf Designs, 1501 Westpark Drive, Suite 5, Little Rock, AR. 77204, Tel: (1)(501) 664-1318, Fax: (1)(501) 664-9253, Website: www.tradefixtures.com.

Sandiacre’s New Reclose System

Sandiacre is introducing their new Reclose System for Sandiacre Baggers. The system produces reclosable bags from standard reel sock material.

The system utilizes film material that is slit from the original material reel. A hot melt gun is used to apply a coating of pressure sensitive adhesive to the rear of this strip. It is then re-positioned onto the film web, providing a removable “reseal” strip on the back of the finished bag. As consumers continue to use the bag contents, more of the reclose strip can be released and fastened across the rolled down bag to achieve reclosability.

Sandiacre Packaging Machinery, 101 Lilac Grove, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1PF, United Kingdom. Tel: (44)(0) 115 9678787, Fax: (44)(0) 115 9678707, Website: www.sandiacre.com.

Tea & Coffee - December/January, 2005


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