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Café Du Monde Roars Back to Life

After its longest break in its 153-year history, Café Du Monde once again filled New Orleans’ Jackson Square with the luscious smell of beignets and rich, chicory-laced coffee.

Café Du Monde normally stays open 24 hours a day, 364 days a year, closing only on Christmas. The retailer sold its last order of hot beignets at midnight on August 27, a day and a half before Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.

Its owners took advantage of the shutdown to clean, upgrade and replace kitchen appliances and other parts of the business that are constantly in use.

Stated the jubilant company, “To the hundreds of you that have phoned and written to us in the last weeks expressing your concern and support, the Fernandez family would like to thank you. The City of New Orleans, including Café Du Monde, will bounce back. The first three weeks following the storm were filled with shock and awe at the power of Mother Nature. The next three weeks were spent on clean up and restoration. You never know how exciting electricity can be until you are without it for a month. Looking ahead, more time will be needed for rebuilding. We know that many members of the Café Du Monde team have lost their homes and will need time to rebuild their lives. Some parts of New Orleans were less affected than others. Fortunately, the French Quarter was one of those areas and life is starting to get back to normal. So please, spread the word that Café du Monde is back and would love to have visitors return to enjoy all the sights and sounds that make New Orleans such a wonderful place to live.”

Cafe Du Monde 1039 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA 70116. Web: www.cafedumonde.com.

Sara Lee to Sell U.S. Retail Coffee Business to Segafredo Zanetti

Sara Lee Corporation has signed an agreement to sell its U.S. retail coffee business to Italy-based Segafredo Zanetti Group for $82.5 million. In February 2005, Sara Lee identified the U.S. Retail Coffee business, which manufactures and markets roast, ground and instant coffee products to retail customers throughout the U.S. and Canada, as a business that would be sold as part of the company’s transformation.

The transaction is expected to close by the end of December 2005, subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. The U.S. Retail Coffee business, which generated approximately $213 million in annual sales in fiscal 2005, markets products under the Chock Full O’Nuts, Hills Bros, Chase & Sanborn and MJB brands. The sale does not include Sara Lee’s global Senseo brand.

Sara Lee intends to use the proceeds from this sale to support its previously announced priorities for driving shareholder value through its dividend, a multi-year, $2 billion share repurchase program, debt repayment and investment in the company’s core businesses.

The sale includes the larger of the company’s two plants in Suffolk, Virginia. The roast and ground plant, which employs 180 people and produces the brands of retail coffee will be sold to the Italian firm. The smaller, newer facility makes liquid coffee concentrate for food service customers and will remain part of Sara Lee.

Sara Lee excluded the coffee business that serves restaurants and hotels from the sale because of the higher value the company places on that line of business.

Sara Lee Corporation, 3 First National Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 60602-4260. Web: www.saralee.com

Puro Caff Group to Become Division of Urnex Brands

Urnex Brands has acquired Puro Caff Brand espresso machine cleaning products from Pacific Espresso of Santa Cruz, California. The portfolio of Puro Caff Brand espresso cleaning products includes NSF certified powder, tablets, and both a liquid and powder dairy cleaner. The product line will be managed as an independent division of Urnex Brands and will operate as Puro Caff Group.

In explaining the decision to proceed with the acquisition, Urnex Brands’ president, Joshua Dick said, “We have always admired the quality of the Puro Caff Brand products and the integrity and high standards Tim O’Connor and his staff maintained in supporting the brand. We will continue to uphold the excellence behind the Puro Caff Brand and expect to use the coffee specific technical insight behind the product to compliment our own Urnex Brand products.”

Puro Caff Group will become the primary contact for inquiries and orders of Puro Caff Brand espresso machine cleaning products. Puro Caff Group will be headquartered in Yonkers, New York. While Joshua and Jason Dick, owners of Urnex Brands will be responsible for the business, Charles McAlpin will carry the primary responsibility of maintaining and preserving the brand identity and focus of Puro Caff Brand products.

Urnex Brands, 170 Ludlow Street Yonkers, New York 10705. Tel: (1) (914) 963-2042, Web: www.urnex.com or www.purocaff.com

Cornell and Nestlé Join Forces to Produce Better Coffee

Cornell and Nestlé S.A. have published the results of a joint coffee genomics data program, started in 2001, with the Indonesian Coffee and Cacao Research Institute. Genomics is the study of DNA sequences and how they interact with their environment. This program was set up to improve the general understanding of the quality and sensory characteristics of coffee and -- ultimately -- to promote crop improvement and beverage quality.

“This research may help breeders and developers of coffee around the world to improve productivity and quality of coffee,” said Steve Tanksley, professor of plant breeding and genetics and the lead Cornell researcher for the project. Tanksley and Vincent Pétiard, head of Nestlé Plant Science Research Center, were joint project leaders for the coffee genome program.

The sequencing of genes expressed at the various development stages of coffee cherries and beans were at the center of the program. Out of about 50,000 DNA sequences analyzed, more than 13,000 individual genes were identified and the specific metabolic putative functions of half of these were established.

Steve D. Tanksley, Cornell Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics, at sdt4@cornell.edu; Vincent Pétiard, head of Nestlé Plant Science Research Center, at Vincent.petiard@rdto.nestle.com. Web: www.nestle.com and www.news.cornell.edu.

Relief Fund Impacted by Hurricane Stan in Guatemala and Mexico

Terrible landslides and flooding due to heavy rains from Hurricane Stan have killed over 700 people in Guatemala and Mexico in the past few months. The rains have destroyed the homes and coffee plantations of thousands in the Lake Atitlan region, and in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. The coffee grower cooperatives that export organic and fair trade coffee from these areas have asked for support from the coffee community.

Oregon-based Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers, through a partnership with the non-profit Ecologic Development Fund of Cambridge, Massachusetts are coordinating a large scale relief effort. A special non profit fund for coffee growers has been set up to accept contributions from coffee roasters and coffee drinkers to provide needed support to growers in both Guatemala and Mexico.

The donations are being accepted by Ecologic Development Fund, which is a tax deductible organization. The money will be sent directly to Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan’s APOCS co-op and Mexico’s Chiapas CESMACH co-op, two fair trade coffee grower cooperatives who will coordinate the purchase of food, medicine and other essentials for several thousand coffee grower members and their families who have been impacted by Hurricane Stan.

“These coffee cooperatives immediately mobilized their organization into emergency mode to help the growers who are impacted by the destruction from Hurricane Stan,” says David Griswold, president of Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers. “They’ve turned the organization warehouse into temporary housing, and they’ve set up a plan to provide relief to the surrounding communities.”

The cooperatives have set up action committees and designated one agent from each community as the link to the co-op.

“These coffee cooperatives are well suited to provide essential services to the growers, something they do year-round, but never with this sort of urgency and at this level of need,” Griswold explains.

Another organization is also helping out. Coffee Kids, an international nonprofit organization founded in 1988 to help children and families in coffee producing communities, has set up three emergency relief programs for victims of Hurricane Stan in the hardest hit regions of Guatemala and Southern Mexico. According to founder and executive director, Bill Fishbein, “We’ve made arrangements for urgently needed contributions to be sent immediately to three of our longtime partner organizations: APROS in Guatemala, CAMPO in Oaxaca, Mexico and Icsur in Mexico’s State of Chiapas. These local nonprofit groups are in the best position to determine where the most urgent need is and provide immediate assistance. The funds will be used to provide food, potable water and supplies, as well as repair severely damaged roads.”

To contribute: Make checks payable to Ecologic Development Fund, and note in the memo field either Guatemala Lake Atitlan Grower Fund or Chiapas Mexico Grower Fund. Send to: Sustainable Harvest Coffee, 721 NW 9th Street, Suite 235, Portland, Oregon 97209. Web: www.sustainableharvest.com

Coffee Kids, Tel: (1)(505) 820-1443, E-mail: chipper@coffeekids.org, Web: www.coffeekids.org/relief/.

Stawert Mühlenbau and Mahlkönig Merge

Stawert Mühlenbau GmbH & Co. KG (Stawert) has merged Mahlkönig Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbH (MKV), to form Mahlkönig GmbH & Co. KG. With this merger, both production and sales will be under one roof. In order to achieve this, the company doubled its office space in Hamburg, Germany.

Regional sales managers, representing Mahlkönig are: Eddie Chew, echew@mahlkoenig-asia.com, based in Shanghai, for China and South-East-Asia; Alberto Cocci, a.cocci@mahlkoenig.it, based in Florence, for Italy; Rolf Förster, rolff@mahlkoenig.com, based in the U.S., for USA; Baron Drobig, info@coag.ca, based in Toronto, for Canada; Nils Erichsen, n.erichsen@mahlkoenig.de, based in Hamburg, for France, Spain, Portugal, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand and all OEM-customers; Georg Lauridsen, g.lauridsen@mahlkoenig.dk, based in Denmark, for Scandinavia, Iceland, Baltic States and Russia; Jürgen Peters , j.peters@mahlkoenig.de, based in Hamburg, for UK, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Greece, Middle East, Africa and Japan; Frauke Sehner, f.sehner@mahlkoenig.de, based in Hamburg, for Germany, Benelux, Austria and Switzerland.

The sales support team will be available at: Tilsiter Straße 142, D - 22047 Hamburg. Tel: R & D / Production: (49)(40) 696-9400, Fax: R & D / Production: (49)(40) 693-9721, Tel: Sales & Marketing: (49)(40) 734-1040, Fax: Sales & Marketing: (49)(40) 734-10428; E-mail: office@mahlkoenig.de

Zhejiang Purico Minfeng Paper Starts Production

Zhejiang Purico Minfeng Paper Co. Ltd (ZPM) will commence production of tea and coffee bag filter papers for the beverage industry this month.

“ZPM” is a new joint venture between Purico Group (60%) of the U.K. and Minfeng Speciality Paper (40%) of China, one of three joint ventures between the two companies. Its world class, triple ply inclined former paper machine primarily from Voith, the first to be installed in China and the second only in the world, will manufacture high quality, leading technology heat seal and non-heat seal teabag and coffee bag filtration papers at its modern factory, which is close to Shanghai, China.

The Purico range of teabag and coffee filter papers will be produced in two distinct categories - heat sealable in the substance range of 16 to 40-gms and non-heat sealable in the range of 12.5 to 30-gms. Using the very latest state-of-the-art inclined wire forming technology, with a unique stock approach system, these products will be manufactured in a triple-ply structure. This will result in the Purico filter products having excellent particle retention, superb flavor infusion, neutral odor, good dimensional stability and high wet strength. The triple-ply technology allows complete flexibility on the structure of the sheet and how it is formed, giving the Purico product range numerous advantages over competitive products.

All products are manufactured using food grade approved raw materials which include long-fibered abaca pulp, oxygen-bleached or unbleached wood pulps and a range of man-made fibers and chemicals.

Zhejiang Purico Minfeng Paper Co. Ltd., No. 70 Luli Street, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China 314000. Tel: (86) (573) 282-0799, Fax: (86) (573) 282-3361, E-mail: sales@minfengrobert.com.

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