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The world of tea & coffee is expanding into many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Going Green with Good Earth Coffee

Crafted from 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee beans, Good Earth Coffee is USDA certified organic, which means the coffee is untouched by any chemical pesticides or herbicides and is harvested in a way that is less taxing on the land. Nearly 20% of Good Earthís packaging comes from a renewable source, making it among the greenest packaging in the coffee aisle. Good Earthís Sienna, Mystic and Sedona blends are hand-picked in Asia, Africa and South America. The team behind Good Earth Coffee takes great care to ensure the purity and authenticity of every cup. Good Earth Coffee is owned by the Tata Group, the largest India-headquartered multinational in North America. The Tata Group also owns Eight OíClock Coffee and the Tetley and Good Earth brands of tea.

Good Earth Coffee, 3 Paragon Drive, Montvale, New Jersey 07645. Tel: +1(888) 625-8227, Web: www.goodearthcoffee.com.

Tipuís Tiger Chai

Tipuís Tiger microbrews chai were derived from owner Bipin Patelís ancient family recipe. That recipe has traveled a long way from the northwest Indian state of Gujarat, via Africa and London, to arrive in the U.S. A balanced blend of spices, including mint and ginger, compliments strong organic Assam tea.

The team behind Tipuís Tiger served the chai for 10 years in their Montana cafť before overwhelming demand from out of state prompted them to make it available nationwide. Tipu's Tiger Chai is available as a concentrate in half-gallon jugs for retail or foodservice, or as a dry mix in 4-oz bags.

Tipu's Tiger Chai, Inc., 37215 Carbine Rd., Ronan, Montana 59864. Tel: +1(406) 240-9979, Fax: +1(406) 675-2425, Web: www.tipustigerchai.com.

Big Trainís Seasonal Drinks

Big Train is offering two limited-time, seasonal drinks that combine classic holiday flavors such as maple and gingerbread with gourmet coffee or premium tea to create delicious combinations that are guaranteed to delight the palette.

Big Trainís seasonal drinks include Maple Vanilla Latte Blended Ice Coffee: maple and vanilla with a hint of 100% Arabica coffee blended with ice, and Gingerbread Chai: a blend of Big Trainís chai tea infused with ginger and spices.

These taste temptations are a great holiday indulgence. Both flavors come in a ready-to-blend mix that can be combined with water, milk or coffee to create hot, iced or blended beverages.

Big Train, 19732 Descartes, Foothill Ranch, California 92610. Tel: +1(949) 340-8800, Fax: +1(949) 707-1000, Email: info@bigtrain.com, Web: www.bigtrain.com.

Pacific Natural Foods

Pacific Natural Foods has expanded its Barista Series to now include Soy Blenders and Organic Milks. Soy Blenders, available in vanilla and plain flavors, offer a clean, crisp finish, making them perfect as a nondairy coffee beverage solution, says the firm. Organic Milks are shelf-stable and are available in fat free milk and 2% reduced fat milk varieties. All Pacific Natural Food products are all natural, USDA certified organic, curdle free and can withstand the high heat of steaming.

Pacific Natural Foods Foodservice, 19480 SW 97th Ave, Tualatin, Oregon 97062. Tel: +1(503) 692-9666, Fax: +1(503) 692-9610, Web: www.pacificfoods.com.

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