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International Coffee Organization
22 Berners Street
London W1T 3DD
Tel: (44) (0) 20 7580 8591 / 7612 0613
Fax: (44) (0) 20 7580 6129
E-mail: positivelycoffee@ico.org
Web Site: www.ico.org
The International Coffee Organization is comprised of almost every coffee consuming and producing nation. Its intent is to promote coffee consumption as it has a full schedule of programs designed to increase consumption as well as aid the coffee producer.

National Coffee Association of USA, Inc.
15 Maiden Lane, Suite 1405
New York, NY 10038
Tel.: (212) 766-4007
Fax: (212) 766-5815
E-mail: info@ncausa.org
Web Site: www.ncausa.org
NCA is the only coffee trade association serving all segments of the US coffee industry, from specialty to traditional companies. Its membership includes growers, exporters, importers and roasters, retailers, wholesaler/distributors and allied industry businesses. NCA provides members with national and international government affairs representation, market research, scientific research, educational resources, and public relations. Please feel free to browse NCA's informative Web sites at: www.ncausa.org, and at www.coffeescience.org.

National Association for the Specialty Food Trade
120 Wall Street, 27th floor
New York, NY 10005
Tel: (212) 482-6440
Fax: (212) 482-6459
Web Sites: www.specialtyfood.com
The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade holds three food shows in the U.S. and publishes a newsletter for the specialty food industry.

Specialty Coffee Association of America
330 Golden Shore
Suite 50
Long Beach, CA 90802
Tel: (562) 624-4100
Fax: (562) 624-4101
Email: coffee@scaa.org
Web Site: www.scaa.org
The Specialty Coffee Association of America is an organization aimed at helping the coffee retailers. Its membership, comprised of coffee growers, manufacturers, traders and ancillary equipment manufacturers and retailers, is considered to be the largest in the world. They hold an annual exhibition/conference and many educational seminars throughout the year. Its intent is to educate the retailer on coffee and serving the best possible cup.

Tea Association of the USA
Tea Council of the USA
Specialty Tea Institute (STI)

420 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10170
Tel: (212) 986-9415
Fax: (212) 697-8658
E-mail: info@teausa.com
Web Site: www.teausa.com
All three organizations are housed and staffed at the New York office. The Tea Association of the USA serves the tea industry members and holds an annual convention, The Tea Council promotes tea consumption in the U.S. The Specialty Tea Registry avails tea information and assistance to retailers.

The Tea Council Ltd.
9, The Courtyard
Gowan Avenue
Fulham, London SW6 6RH
Tel: 020 7371 7787
E-mail: tea@teacouncil.co.uk
Web Site: www.tea.co.uk
The U.K. Tea Council is comprised of Britain's tea industry and is responsible for the promotion of tea. Its many projects keep tea consistently in the media.

European Coffee Federation
Tourniairestraat 3
P.O. Box 90445
1006 BK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: (31) (20) 511 38 15
Fax: (31) (20) 511 38 92
E-mail: ecf@coffee-associations.org
Web Site: www.ecf-coffee.org
The European Coffee Federation is the umbrella-organization representing the European soluble coffee manufacturing industry (AFCASOLE), the green coffee trade (CECA) and the coffee roasting industry (EUCA).


The Birth of Coffee
Tel: (512) 585-0011
Web Site: www.birthofcoffee.com
The Birth of Coffee is a multiplatform, media project consisting of a book, an international photographic exhibition tour. The goal of the project is to extend the individual's personal coffee experiences, providing them with an understanding of the many people, places and processes involved in bringing coffee to the table.


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